October 2017 blood test update

I got a letter this morning notifying me of an appointment with Mr. Singh my urology consultant. This is very much out of sync with the 3 monthly interval but I was warned recently that the 3 monthly appointments had drifted back to about 5 months so I wasn’t too worried. However, I did ring the specialist nurse to check that this was just a routine appointment and not that something had come up they were concerned with. He checked and confirmed it was routine so I could rearrange it if I wished – it clashes with my U3A racketball group Christmas lunch. While he was at it he checked my last PSA blood test and told me it was less the 0.01, not the 0.02 I had been told. He also said that I can continue to have my blood tests at BRI rather than my GP. If this is true it’s good news on both counts.