Padel tennis or pickleball

After playing squash competitively from the age of 17 to 40 I didn’t play any racket sports until about 12 years ago, at the age of 65. That’s if you don’t count a couple of years playing table tennis in the Halifax TT League in my early 60s.Then I rediscovered racketball, a variant of squash with a shorter strung racket and a larger bouncier ball. I say rediscovered because in the mid 1970s when squash was losing its popularity and player numbers several squash clubs experimented with racketball as an easier game to play for beginners and older players. At the time I and my fellow squash players thought it was great fun but not a serious game. We called it rather disparagingly old mans’ squash. Much later, as an old man, I thought, and still think, it’s a great game.

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