I have some other blogs which are generally speaking specific to a topic or closely related topics. The longest established is Note Book which I started in 2009 and is still loosely connected to my previous work as an academic teaching sociology at the University of Leeds. Over the last three years I have become interested in a number of other things – I’ve joined a U3A reading group and taken to cycling and walking for transport and leisure as well as a way of keeping fit. I have also sold the two motor bikes I’ve had for about the last 10 years or so – both Suzukis; a DRZ400 off-roader and a 1250 Bandit – and replace them with a Moto
Guzzi 7II 750cc V twin. I am also dabbling with writing poetry and fiction but this is barely started yet – mainly a few ideas. Finally, I’m considering joining an art class next January. What, if anything, comes of all this will, one way or another, be the focus of this blog.

31st October 2015