Prostate and Beyond

This blog, initially, was not intended to be a diary about prostate cancer but that is what it has become. The last post was in January, just over two years ago which probably shows that not much has happened on that front. So it’s time to move on and put this blog back on the track originally intended although that is quite difficult to define. This post brings the prostate cancer story up-to-date and, hopefully, close it. Then it will be back to contemporary issues – brexit, the current Tory government and its policies, the coronavirus pandemic, my life in writing (!) and so on….

After 2 years of 6 monthly PSA tests to check for any recurrence of cancer from any stray cells post operation, all being well the blood rests become 6 monthly. It is now 3 and a half years since the operation and have had three 6 monthly blood tests all reporting 0 PSA. If this remains the case for 5 years I’m given the all clear. That’s not to say I will not get cancer in the future but that it will be, in all probability, unrelated to the previous prostate cancer. So, unless one of my remaining blood tests gives cause for alarm, that’s the end of my prostate story.

Health-wise, I have other problems now as it happens! I have a worn right hip and may have to have a replacement. It makes walking quite painful and I can no longer play competitive racketball. Just to add insult to injury I was diagnosed with a DVT a few days ago and am having to take anticoagulants while waiting for a blood test and scan. This may all be down to me having a bad chest infection for most of February and lack of exercise.

If I do need a hip replacement it is likely to be delayed as the whole health service is creaking under the pressure of the coronavirus pandemic. We have learnt today that the government is preparing to tell all over 70 year olds to self-isolate for 4 months. The logic of this and the government’s policy to combat this new strand of flu is worth a post to itself. Due any time soon.

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