October 2017 blood test

Got the result of my blood teat at the beginning of October, I think probably the 4th three monthly test since my operation. This time the PSA level is 0.02. This is in the ‘no worries’ range – anything under 0.1 – but a rise on last time (<0.01). Apparently my blood went to a different lab this time and they may well use a different testing kit. There are 5 and each would give a marginally different reading. Also he had to search for my results under my HHS number rather than my hospital number, no doubt because of the new system they recently started using for patient records.

Another change is that they will no longer be reminding me of when a test is due and sending the plastic bag and instruction slip for the blood nurse. From now on patients will be responsible for remembering and arranging their own test with their GP. David, my specialist nurse, fears that GPs will baulk at this as it means they will have to pay for the test form their budgets. If mine does the BRI will have to make a specific appointment for me to come in for the sample to be taken rather than the current system where I just turn up at the blood clinic and wait in a queue. I predict this will cost lives where elderly and confused forget to arrange a test. On top of this, routine 3 monthly consultations are now running at about 5 months. For individuals in my condition this is not really a problem.

So my news is still good and I will in nay case be going onto 6 monthly tests before long and eventually, all being well, to annual tests. They are very happy if there has been no recurrence of cancer in the first year post-op, two years is generally considered to be evidence of a cure with 5 years being decisive. By then I’ll be nearly 77. On target so far.

The PSA level is now 0.02 so good news. This is the 5th blood test since my radical prostatectomy, 0.02, 0.04, 0.01, 0.01, 0.02 so far.

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